Loan bad credit -Bad credit need not stop you from getting a credit loan online

For many, borrowing money quickly without BCR testing may be the only way to get extra money in a short time. In the Netherlands, a large percentage of the population is registered in a negative way by the Credit Registration Office. The main reasons for this are usually past payments. Is it actually possible to take out a loan without a BCR review taking place? We will deal with that question further in this article.

Bad credit need not stop you from getting a credit loan online

Borrow money with BCR with a Mini Loan

Borrowing money with credit loan online if you have bad credit is also a possibility in some cases. With these loans, you can usually have a relatively small amount at your disposal on the same day. For example, you borrow an amount from $ 50 to usually a maximum of $ 1,000 for a maximum of 3 months. You must, therefore, repay the loan within 3 months. You should be aware that you borrow an amount for a maximum of 3 months.

If the 3 months have passed and you have not yet repaid the amount, they will charge ‘interest’. You can better consider this interest as a fine and is on average 15%, so many times higher than an interest that you would pay on a normal loan from your bank.

Borrow money quickly without BCR testing possible?

Borrowing money quickly without BCR testing is generally not possible. Apart from the fact that borrowing money quickly and in a hurry is of course not wise, when applying for a loan from a reputable and accredited bank or lender, an official BCR review takes place at all times. In the past, the control of granting loans to consumers who still had current loans or who were found to be creditworthy was a lot less strict.

Nowadays, there are several agencies that carry out strict checks on lenders to ensure that they do not provide consumers with loans that they cannot actually afford. For example, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) is such a body. This company carries out very strict controls on financial companies that provide services to consumers.

Borrow money within 10 minutes without BCR via SMS

A few years ago it was easy to borrow money within 10 minutes without BCR verification via SMS. Consumers could apply for a loan in this way and borrow money today. This way of borrowing money has not been possible for a long time and dates back to the period when there were few to no checks on the granting of loans that consumers could not actually payback.

Although for many it is not convenient at the moment that a fairly strict BCR check takes place when applying for a loan, this check is nevertheless to the advantage of consumers in order to prevent them from having to bear the financial costs that they able to justify. For that reason, it is good that such parties save you.

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