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André Velasquez
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The Yankees haven’t lost a game at a major league stadium in nearly two weeks. They are the winners of nine straight games, with their last loss coming in the cornfields of Iowa. This turnaround came out of a movie. Andrew Velazquez is ready for his own movie, a remake of “A Bronx Tale”.

The Bronx native hit his first big-league homer Saturday at Yankee Stadium. The script writes itself.

To talk about Velazquez, the Yankees’ winning streak and the upcoming two games against the soaring Braves, we bring you a new episode of the “Pinstripe Pod” with Chris Shearn and Yankees legend Jeff Nelson, with an interview. by Bob Lorenz of YES Network.

Pinstripe Pod opening segment with Chris, Jeff and Jake:

  • VÉLAZQUEZ: Such a great story and seeing his family cry in the crowd on Saturday. He has earned his place on this team and is expected to be on the September roster. Things will get interesting when Gio Urshela and Gleyber Torres return. How many bats will Tyler Wade and Rougned Odor have?
  • ANALYTIC: Nellie is concerned that the Yankees will be using the computer to script games like they have done in the past.



Interview with Bob Lorenz:
Host of YES Network Yankees studio

  • STANTON: Giancarlo Stanton playing on the outfield has been huge for this team. Gives them more flexibility to line up Luke Voit and others.
  • ROTATION: What will the rotation look like on the section? Could Luis Gil end up moving to the bullpen?

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