Apple’s iPhone market share in Russia will be halved by 2024


Russian Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Maksut Shadayev said on the Russian Internet Forum that due to payment and app download difficulties, the number of Russian users using the iPhone will decrease significantly. According to the minister, its market share will be be halved by the end of 2024. Previously, MTS analysts said that in April this year, Samsung mobile phones (26% market share) rank in Russia. Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi (20%) ranks second while Realme is third with 11.2% market share. Apple is fourth with 10.3% share while Honor is fifth with 5.7% share. Due to the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, at the beginning of March this year, Apple announced that it would ban the sale of iPhones and other products on the Russian market.

The US government is firmly on Ukraine’s side in the conflict. Thus, American companies have no choice but to side with their government. Many American companies have already withdrawn from the Russian market. In fact, Google recently declared bankruptcy in Russia. Of course, we all know Google isn’t bankrupt on a global scale.

Russian court rejects Apple’s appeal – fine the company

Apple’s appeal hit a brick wall, and Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service now has permission to open an antitrust investigation into the App Store. The antitrust case will move forward as Apple’s appeal to reconsider the grounds for the Russian agency’s investigation was rejected. If convicted of monopolistic conduct, Apple could face fines based on its turnover in Russia. Apple is blocking developers from connecting users to external payment options, Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service said.

Apple Russia

The agency gave Apple until September 2021 to fix it and filed an antitrust lawsuit in October. However, the lawsuit comes a few days after Apple removed antitrust provisions from its App Store rules. The company then appealed to the court for a judicial review of the antitrust regulator’s warning.

According to Reuters, a court rejected Apple’s appeal, giving Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service reason to continue its investigation into Apple’s App Store rules. The company has several legal disputes with Russia. A class-action lawsuit alleges that the company’s shutdown of its payment platform in Russia caused “deliberate moral harm” to residents of the region.

Despite the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the company is still dealing with its legal disputes in Russia. However, the company does not carry out its usual activities. According to some reports, its stores are no longer active in Russia.


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