Basic Attention Token (BAT) Brave browser ecosystem could be worth billions in the near future –


The world of digital advertising seems to be shattered. Today, publishers, users or advertisers interact on an inefficient platform largely dominated by Facebook and Google. Public perception of the internet ecosystem appears to be changing after the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. The introduction of GDPR also adds weight to the overall perception.

The demand for a simplified solution

The BAT crypto token supports the Brave browser which is supposed to offer a simplified solution. The skill of the team in addition to the obvious demands for a solution predicts that it will become a reasonably popular browser. It could end up becoming a popular crypto token in the near future.

Valuations of this ecosystem

Current assessments of the ecosystem predict it will reach $ 400 million, which is expected to reach $ 17 billion within a decade. All of these predictions are based on the evolution of functionality and the ecosystem’s considerable market share.

With the internet seemingly down, it seems impossible to fix. However, that hasn’t stopped some internet pioneers from trying their hand at a massive overhaul of the overall internet experience. Their idea is to focus on the window that almost all internet users access to navigate the digital world, i.e. a browser.

What exactly is the Brave Browser?

Simply put, it is meant to be an elegant solution for a data-hungry, manipulative, ad-infested internet. The browser is much faster than the others we have used to date. This is possible because it blocks trackers and ads that are used by websites. It comes with a built-in micropayment system allowing its users to send cryptocurrencies to publishers they like. The team is also looking to launch a simpler ad network that can help reduce click fraud while being cheaper for digital advertisers. It has to be seen if Brave and BAT-USD (Basic Attention Token) can live up to its hype.

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