Chevy Silverado 2022 adds “Limited” to the name, get a short model year?


Diesel now available on Silverado LT Trail Boss, 2.7L Turbo now standard on Work Truck

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By all accounts, General Motors is in the process of refreshing its half-ton trucks, revamping its interior and polishing up the exterior styling. With a glance at GM Canada’s Fleet Ordering Guide, Conduct can also tell you that the current generation trucks will be maintained until 2022 as Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Limited and GMC Sierra 1500 Limited.

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That means one of two distinctly different things: Either the 2022 model year will be extremely short for the Silverado, or – perhaps more likely – Chevy will sell the refreshed Silverado right next to that model.

We believe the latter is made possible by that “Limited” suffix added to the truck’s official name, a long-standing way for automakers to differentiate between “old” and “new” models. Witness the Ram 1500 Classic which has been in production alongside the Ram 1500 for years now.

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There are also a few tweaks to the powertrain offerings, including the addition of the optional 3.0L Duramax turbodiesel on the LT Trail Boss. This is great news for Bowtie fanatics who like to ride off-road a bit since this engine was not available in the past, despite appearing on the GMC Sierra 1500 AT4.

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The base 4.3L V6 is no longer available at this time, but it could certainly make a comeback on the refreshed truck. In its place at the entry level is the 2.7L Turbo. Also note that the less tech variant of the 5.3L V8, which had active fuel management instead of dynamic fuel management, is also gone. These changes also mark the end of the six-speed automatic transmission for this model.

According to the fleet guide, the number of available body configurations will not change. The Silverado / Sierra Limited 2022 may still be available in Regular, Double, or Crew Cab variants depending on trim, with the latter offering short or standard body length.

We’ll be interested in whether the redesigned trucks are still on track for 2022, with those older models selling alongside as supporting players to use the existing parts pool; or if the next models are now scheduled for the 2023 model year. We’ll be careful to keep our ears to the ground.

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