Court Documents Reveal Deals With Google To Secure Play Store Dominance


New Delhi: Documents from gaming giant Epic Games’ antitrust lawsuit against Google have revealed the gamemaker’s claims against Google. Among them, allegations that Google has entered into agreements with other companies to ensure the domination of the Google Play Store over the application ecosystem.

California judge James Donato ordered that the Epic lawsuits be made available in unredacted form, and Market surveillance editor-in-chief, Jeremy Owens, found evidence of such moves from Google.

The documents show that Google has signed deals with companies like Motorola and LG in the past, promising to share some of its search revenue on their devices. In return, companies have agreed not to pre-load their phones with app stores. It has also signed such deals with mobile carriers in the United States, offering them 20-25% of the 30% Play Store fee it charges developers for in-app purchases.

The company also had a deal called “Project Hug,” under which it ran special offers to large businesses that pay its 30% app store fee.

“Google has entered into preferential agreements with major mobile app developers, such as Activision Blizzard, as part of an initiative that Google originally called Project Hug and now refers to the Apps and Games Velocity programs,” indicates the trial.

“These deals allow Google to keep its monopoly behavior publicly unchallenged. But Epic is not interested in side deals that could benefit Epic alone while leaving Google’s anti-competitive restrictions intact; instead, Epic is focused on opening up the Android ecosystem to the benefit of all developers and consumers, ”the costume added.

Epic Games’ battle against Google and Apple began in August last year, when the two platform giants pulled the company’s hit game Fortnite from their app stores. The gaming giant, like tens of thousands of developers around the world, has claimed that the 30% commission that Google and Apple charge developers is anti-competitive and predatory.

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