ECA files complaint against mobile operator and retailers for failure to cooperate


The Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) has filed a complaint against one of the telecommunications companies operating in Egypt and two retailers for their inability to provide the data and documents required for an electronic devices market study by the ECA, in violation of the law.

The ECA said: “Those who cooperate with the ECA should provide the necessary data and information in a timely manner to ensure the rapid completion of studies to the Authority. Any party who breaks this rule will be subject to legal action and a fine of up to EGP 500,000. “

ECA President Mahmoud Mumtaz held a board meeting where several decisions were made regarding the telecommunications, pharmaceutical, agribusiness, real estate, electronics sectors and medical.

The ECA Board of Directors has agreed to reconcile with two hotel establishments which submitted reconciliation requests after refusing to provide the data required for the aforementioned study.

The Authority has underlined its concern to monitor and study the different sectors of the Egyptian market, to examine potential cases of violation of healthy competition and to prevent monopoly practices, all to ensure the strengthening of the market. efficiency of the national economy and improvement of the economic environment.


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