EEMV, BAP, ZTO, BVN: ETF exit alert


Lby looking today at the stocks in progress from one week to the next among the universe of ETFs covered at ETF channelstand out, where we detected an outflow of around $ 95.0 million, down 2.2% week-on-week to the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Min Vol Factor ETF (ticker: EEMV). other (from 72,400,000 to 70,800,000). Among the most important underlying components of EEMV, in trade today CrediCorp Ltd. (Symbol: BAP) is down about 2.5%, ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc (Symbol: ZTO) is down about 7.4%, and Compania de Minas Buenaventura SA (Symbol: BVN) is about 1.1% lower. For a complete list of holdings, visit the EEMV Holdings page »

The chart below shows EEMV’s one-year price performance, compared to its 200-day moving average:

Looking at the chart above, EEMV’s low point in its 52 week range is $ 42.10 per share, with $ 59.71 as a 52 week high, compared with a last trade of 59. $ 38. Comparing the most recent stock price to the 200-day moving average can also be a useful technical analysis technique – learn more about the 200-day moving average ».

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) trade like stocks, but instead of “stocks”, investors buy and sell “units”. These “units” can be traded like stocks, but can also be created or destroyed to meet investor demand. Each week, we monitor the weekly evolution of outstanding stock data, to keep an eye on ETFs with notable entries (many new units created) or exits (many old units destroyed. ). The creation of new units will require the purchase of the underlying holdings of the ETF, while the destruction of units involves the sale of the underlying holdings, so large flows can also impact the components. individuals held in ETFs.

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