Form 424B2 Royal Dutch Shell plc


one of the Underwriters makes a representation that the Underwriters will enter into such transactions or that such transactions, once commenced, will not be terminated without notice.

Certain of the Underwriters and / or their affiliates are lenders under our revolving credit facilities and may receive a portion of the net proceeds of this offering if such proceeds are used to repay outstanding amounts under our revolving credit facilities. revolving credit, if applicable. In addition, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., is the trustee under the Note Indenture.

The Underwriters and their respective affiliates are full-service financial institutions engaged in various activities, which may include sales and trading, commercial and investment banking, advisory, investment management, investment research, l principal investment, hedging, market making, brokerage and other financial activities and non financial
activities and services. In the normal course of their respective operations, the Underwriters and their affiliates have engaged, and may in the future engage, in various banking and financial services and commercial transactions with us and our affiliates for which they have received , and will receive in future usage charges.

In addition, in the normal course of their various business activities, the Underwriters and their respective affiliates, officers, directors and employees may buy, sell or hold a wide variety of investments, including serving as consideration for certain derivative agreements and hedging, and actively trade in securities, derivatives, loans, commodities, currencies, credit default swaps and other financial instruments for their own account and for the accounts of their clients, and these activities of investment and trading may involve or relate to assets, securities and / or instruments of Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Finance (directly, as collateral for other obligations or otherwise) and / or persons and entities having relationships with Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Finance. The Underwriters and their respective affiliates may also communicate independent investment recommendations, market color or trading ideas and / or publish or express independent research opinions relating to such assets, securities or instruments and may at any time hold or recommend to clients to acquire long and / or short positions in these assets, securities and instruments.

We estimate that the expenses, excluding subscription discounts, will be approximately $ 409,390.

We have agreed to indemnify the various Underwriters or to contribute to any payments that the Underwriters may be required to make in respect of various liabilities, including liabilities under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

It is expected that delivery of the Notes will be made against payment on the date specified on the cover page of this Prospectus Supplement, which will be the third business day following the pricing of the Notes (this settlement cycle being referred to as ?? T + 3 ??). Under the rule 15v6-1 Under the Exchange Act, secondary market transactions are generally required to be settled within two business days, unless the parties to such a transaction expressly agree otherwise. Accordingly, buyers who wish to trade Notes on the Pricing Date will be required, due to the fact that the Notes will initially be settled at T + 3, to specify an alternative settlement cycle at the time of such a trade. in order to avoid a settlement failure. . Purchasers of Notes wishing to negotiate for Notes on the pricing date of the Tickets sold under this Offer should consult their own advisor.

Sales restrictions

Tickets are offered for sale only in jurisdictions where it is legal to make such offers.


Neither we nor any of the Underwriters have authorized, nor do we authorize, the making of offers of Notes other than to: (i) qualified investors in the European Economic Area (the ?? EEA? ?) as defined in Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 (the ?? EU Prospectus Regulation ??); and (ii) qualified investors in the United Kingdom as defined in the retained version of the EU Prospectus Regulation (the ?? United Kingdom Prospectus Regulation ??) as it is part of national law by virtue of the law. of the European Union (Withdrawal) 2018 (the ?? EUWA ??).



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