How much does the iPhone 13 cost? Price details for each model


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Many Apple fans are still bursting with excitement after the brand reveal event in September. One of the most popular Apple items revealed at the event is the iPhone 13. The new iPhone is packed with many long-awaited features that Apple enthusiasts wouldn’t want to miss.

If you’re looking to upgrade your cell phone to the latest iPhone model, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the features and pricing.

How much does the iPhone 13 cost?

The new iPhone 13 comes in four different models: the standard iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Each of these models has specific features that you can choose from to find the perfect fit for you.

Here’s a closer look at the pricing details for the iPhone 13, Pro, Pro Max, and Mini.

iPhone 13

With a 6.1-inch display, the iPhone 13 is for anyone looking for a nice phone. The rear cameras are arranged diagonally and are larger than previous models. They also have an improved night mode and the additional photographic styles will help you unleash your creativity.

IPhone 13 prices vary depending on storage:

  • $ 799 for 128 GB
  • $ 899 for 256 GB
  • $ 1,099 for 512 GB

iPhone 13 Mini

If you want all the functionality of the iPhone 13 with a smaller screen, the iPhone 13 Mini is ideal. It has a 5.4 inch OLED display. According to Apple, the brightness has improved significantly this year – there are several camera upgrades available to take better photos even in poor lighting conditions.

The iPhone 13 Mini is available now at the following prices:

  • $ 699 for 128 GB
  • $ 799 for 256 GB
  • $ 999 for 512 GB

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro is a sleek device with a 6.1-inch display.

The iPhone 13 Pro comes with three rear cameras of 12 megapixels each. Plus, the aperture allows for more illumination, making it ideal for taking pictures in poor lighting conditions.

If you are looking to buy the iPhone 13 Pro, the prices are:

  • $ 999 for 128 GB
  • $ 1,099 for 256 GB
  • $ 1,299 for 512 GB
  • $ 1,499 for 1 TB

iPhone 13 Pro Max

With similar specs to the standard iPhone 13 Pro, the Pro Max has a larger 6.7-inch screen. If a bigger screen is important to you, the investment is worth it.

The iPhone Pro Max delivers the fastest performance of any model, not to mention stellar battery life. One of the most defining features of the Pro Max is the camera. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can take photos using your photographic styles and shoot videos in cinematic mode.

Although it is quite expensive, you can save some money by swapping in your old iPhone.

The price of the iPhone Pro Max is as follows:

  • $ 1,099 for 128 GB
  • $ 1,199 for 256 GB
  • $ 1,399 for 512 GB
  • $ 1,599 for 1 TB

To take with

If you want to upgrade to a new cell phone, Apple iPhone 13 has a lot of different features depending on the model you choose. You are guaranteed superior camera quality, great display and longer battery life no matter which model you choose. You can choose the best model based on your preferred features and budget.

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