In Kejriwal’s Punjab model, a plan to bring back all Punjabis from Canada in 5 years


AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday launched the party’s ten-point “Punjab model” for the upcoming assembly elections.

He promised justice in cases of sacrilege, jobs for young people, governance without corruption, and said people want to bring his party to power to break the “partnership” between the Badals and Congress.

“SSM fights alone will cost AAP votes”

For the first time, Kejriwal accepted that Sanyukt Samaj Morcha (SSM) not allying with the AAP would cost the party a few votes.

The Delhi CM also said that SSM chief Balbir Singh Rajewal came to see him and handed him a USB drive containing allegations against the AAP leadership.

“Rajewal saab came to meet me. He gave me a USB stick with an audio clip. In this clip, we hear two people talking. They said Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia were taking money. They said that Raghav Chadha goes to 5 star hotels. These are absurd things. Anyone can say anything. Rajewal ji is a simple man and someone has misled him, ”he said.

He added: “When Rajewal came to meet with me, we had already announced 90 seats. He had wanted 60 seats for his party. I told him that the 90 people we have already announced are also sons of farmers and that it will not be possible to cut their tickets. I said there were 27 seats left, you can take 17. But we couldn’t agree. I agree that if the SSM fights the elections separately, some AAP votes will be removed, ”Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal has dismissed claims that some AAP tickets were sold in the state. “Not even an Assembly ticket has been sold as is. If you provide proof that a ticket has been sold, I will throw out the ticket seller and buyer. Even after the nominations have been submitted, if brought to my attention with proof, I will cancel the ticket and allow the seat to become vacant. I will not tolerate corruption. I will follow them to hell and assure them of prison ”.

The Delhi CM denounced Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi for failing to arrest Bikram Singh Majithia and for raising the issue of his (Kejriwal) apology to Majithia in a libel case.
“What does my apologies to Majithia have to do with his arrest by the government of Punjab?” Did I hold Channi’s hand? He walks around saying that Kejriwal has apologized. What does this have to do with his arrest? The whole state knows that these people (Congress and Akalis) are closely related, ”he said.
On SAD’s allegations that the AAP distributed leaflets saying voters should take money from other parties but vote for the AAP, Kejriwal said the AAP did not write such leaflets, but that’s what the people of Punjab say. “The Punjabi will not sell its vote this time around. This time, Sukhbir Badal will learn a lesson, ”he said. Unveiling his ten point program for the state, Kejriwal said: “From 1966, when the suba Punjabi was formed, Congress ruled for 25 years and Akalis for 19 years. They ruled in partnership. They have always reigned in collusion. They never took action against each other and both looted. Now the people have decided that enough is enough and the Punjabi aam sarkar needs to be formed. They decided to give AAP a chance. I toured the Punjab to ask questions about the issues. We have identified a ten point ‘Punjab model’, ”he said.

The AAP’s “Punjab Model”
Employment: Kejriwal said: “There is unemployment in every house. Young people are looking to go to Canada. We will make such a Punjab that everyone who has been to Canada will come back in five years, ”he said.
Threat of drugs: Kejriwal alleged that drugs were still freely distributed in villages. “Congress has failed to stop the sale of drugs. We are going to eliminate the whole drug union and the mafia, ”he said.

Justice in sacrilege cases: The AAP chief said there was no closure in the sacrilege cases because grown-ups were involved in the plot. “We will ensure justice in every case like this, no matter who it is. We have no framework with anyone, ”he said.

Corruption Free Punjab: The PAA will ensure a state where the common man, “who has to pay bribes to do his job,” no longer has to do it, he said.

Other key points: better health facilities, improved educational facilities, 24/7 power supply and free power supply up to 300 units, allowance of Rs 1,000 per month for women in over 18 years and improvements in agriculture, commerce and industry in Punjab to boost income and employment.


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