Journalists are not credited for the peace they promote


Roland Affail Monney, President of the Ghana Journalists Association

Ghana Journalists Association president Roland Affail Monney said Ghanaian journalists are underestimated for their efforts to promote peace in the country.

He made the comments following the NCA’s announcement that 133 radio stations have been allowed to return to the airwaves.

While commending the NCA for taking this step, he recalled when some radio stations were closed; which makes it difficult for people to express themselves on the radio.

According to him, the media provide “non-violent means” of expression, thus promoting peace in the country.

“One credit they don’t give to journalists who we have to express all the time is that they promote peace in the country. The various media provide non-violent channels for people to voice their concerns and as such promote peace, ”he told Don Prah during the“ Epa Hoa Daben ”program broadcast on Happy98.9FM.

Emphasizing the importance of the media in promoting peace, he shared this comparison: “Who would have thought that Libya would be destroyed today? It was because Libya was a monopoly state where people couldn’t express their opinions. But here in Ghana, even with the LGBTQ + problem, everyone expresses their perspective on the problem and so we solve our problem in a non-violent way. So with the peace Ghana enjoys, most of the credit should go to the Ghanaian media. “

The Board of Directors of the National Communications Authority (NCA) has approved the operating licenses for some 133 radio stations in the country.

A statement from the NCA says the stations include those whose licenses were revoked after a 2017 audit that affected Radio Gold and Radio XYZ.

The approval, the statement said, is “subject to applicants attending an awareness workshop on the terms and conditions of FM radio broadcast licenses.”


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