Katherine Heigl accidentally became a model


Katherine Heigl is well known for her romantic comedy prowess. Having starred in some of the genre’s most popular films over the years (plus his award-winning stint on Grey’s Anatomy), fans are always happy to see her appear as the lead in the face of an unlikely bachelor. Acting wasn’t her first taste of stardom, though – she was a role model to begin with.

Katherine Heigl’s first gig was as a model child

Actress Katherine Heigl attends the ‘Jenny’s Wedding’ premiere at the 2015 Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival at the Directors Guild Of America on July 10, 2015 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Heigl’s discovery is a long story that had little to do with acting to begin with. As MovieWeb reminds us, her first “gig” was as a model. Specifically, it was for her aunt’s new hair product. Her aunt used it on her and took pictures for advertisements. After that, she sent the portraits to various New York modeling agencies.

Wilhelmina Models saw something they liked, so they signed Heigl to work with them when she was just nine years old. With them, she got many lucrative jobs posing for different clothing catalogs. She even starred in a nationally aired Cheerios commercial. It was just the beginning of Heigl’s rise to fame. His film debut came six years after those first pictures were printed.

Katherine Heigl faced controversy as an actress

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While modeling, Heigl began taking acting lessons. At 14, she used these new skills in her 1992 film debut, Tonight. Although it was a minor role, she continued to work over the next two years until her first starring role in 1994. She continued to model and attend high school during this time, although she later dropped out to pursue her acting career in Hollywood.

From there, Heigl took on several projects, including her role as Isabel Evans in the 1999 series. Roswell. However, many did not recognize her until she started acting in the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. At the time, no one expected the show to become the ratings sensation it would one day become or that its character Dr. Izzie Stevens would become a fan favorite.

During this time, Heigl also began to make a name for herself in the world of romantic comedies. Among its notable features, most remember 2007 knocked up. However, things got a little rocky over the next few years, as Heigl didn’t hold back in interviews when she talked about what she thought of some of her projects. His comments calling knocked up “a bit sexist” and its criticisms Grey’s AnatomyThe working conditions of have drawn negative reactions.

Heigl admitted that this has undoubtedly hurt his career. But she still stands by her comments. While things slowed down for her back then, she has returned to the small screen in recent years.

Heigl took on more dramatic roles

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While Heigl previously embraced romantic comedies, her recent endeavors are taking her back to more dramatic comedies. Currently, she plays the role of Tully Hart in the Netflix series way of the fireflies, which has already been renewed for a second season. She is also preparing to play Victoria Woodhull, famous suffragette and first woman candidate for the presidency of the United States, in the series wooden shell.

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