Mauricio Damian-Guerrero, a New Hampshire man arrested for harassing a model in an attic


A creepy stalker hid in a woman’s attic, snuck out at night to film her sleeping, and even made copies of her house keys.

Mauricio Damian-Guerrero, 20, became obsessed with an OnlyFans model he met online and started following her every move.

He allegedly acquired the victim’s keys and made copies of them, allowing him to waltz around his property in New Hampshire, USA whenever he wanted.

The 20-year-old then hid in her attic and waited until she fell asleep so she could creep downstairs and film her in terrifying fashion.

The victim – identified only as NR – only realized something was wrong when his mother started hearing strange sounds coming from the attic.

According to court documents, Damian-Guerrero entered the 24-year-old’s home at least four times.

He admitted he planned to fit a tracking device to his car as his harassment campaign escalated.

Cops arrested him after finding him climbing out of the woman’s attic and onto the roof on February 9.

Investigators discovered a series of disturbing clips on his mobile phone which he had taken of the woman as she slept naked.

Strafford County Assistant District Attorney Emily Garod told WMUR, “He was released on fairly strict bail conditions.

Mauricio Damian-Guerrero hid in his attic and waited for her to fall asleep so he could film the OnlyFans model he met online.
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“But it is an ongoing concern for us, the safety of the victim while this case is ongoing, which is why we have requested that he be held pending trial.”

During interrogation, Guerrero first claimed to have broken into the house to retrieve a television and a fireplace he had previously bought for her as gifts.

He also chillingly claimed that the OnlyFans user “wanted a man to be obsessed with her and stalk her.”

Guerrero was charged with four counts of burglary, but avoided further punishment.

He was released from jail last week and had to wear a tracking bracelet to make sure he didn’t break his restraining order.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.


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