NBA reviewed relegation model due to tanking for Wembanyama


By the Eurohoops team/ [email protected]

How good is Victor Wembanyama? NBA commissioner Adam Silver has admitted the league has looked at the European promotion and relegation model to prevent teams from tanking for him.

As ESPN reported, during Silver’s recent meeting with Suns employees, Silver all but admitted tanking was an issue, but “he understands why teams would do this when a ‘one-in-a-generation’ player is about to enter the league”.

For the NBA, this is a serious problem, however, there is no clear solution and even the idea of ​​possible relegations to the G-League has been thrown on the table.

According to the report: “Speaking of a concept in European football, Silver told staff that the league had considered relegation as a potential solution to ensure that underperforming teams were incentivized to compete. But the commissioner then said that relegation would be “destabilizing” in the NBA”.

While in theory it might work, getting NBA teams to play in the G-League will destroy the NBA’s business model, and practically financially, relegation would mean destruction for those teams.

And also the G-League teams that would have been promoted, would end up being punching bags for the rest of the NBA.

“It’s something we have to watch out for” Silver said according to the report. “A draft is, in principle, a good system. But I get it, especially when it feels like a once-in-a-generation player is coming in like we did this year. Teams are smarter, they’re creative and they react — we move, they move — so we’re always looking to see if there’s still a better system.”


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