Nezha S is another Tesla Model 3 rival from China with serious intentions


The number of Tesla Model 3 competitors is growing rapidly with more and more Chinese automakers entering the game with pretty serious intentions. The latest is the Nezha S, a rather attractive four-door electric sedan that has been unveiled in production form following the 2020 Eureka 03 concept and 2021 pre-production model. Like many other new models, the Nezha S was due to debut at the Beijing Auto Show which was postponed due to the pandemic, so the company showcased it online.

Nezha or Neta is a rather new brand created in 2018 by Hozon Auto. Its model range consists of two SUVs called U and V, with the S being the latest. The production version closely mirrors the styling of the concept we saw last year with a rather premium styling compared to Hozon’s earlier models.

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The front follows the split headlight trend, but the upper units are very slim. The sculpted nose with elegant air intakes, the curved fenders and the clean profile design make the Nezha S an attractive vehicle. At the rear, there are full-width LED taillights, an integrated spoiler, a low-profile diffuser and a sloping roofline completing the aerodynamic look.

In terms of dimensions, the Nezha S is 4,800 mm (188.9 in) long, 2,000 mm (78.4 in) wide and 1,400 mm (55.1 in) high, with a generous wheelbase of 2,900 mm (114.2 in). This footprint makes it slightly larger than the Tesla Model 3 and more in line with Chinese-built rivals including the BMW i3, Nio ET5, BYD Seal and Xpeng X7.

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Inside, the highlight is the huge, portrait-oriented infotainment touchscreen combined with a minimal digital instrument panel, head-up display and additional touchscreen in front of the passenger. There’s also a sophisticated 1,216-watt audio system with 21 speakers, including roof-mounted and headrest-integrated speakers, plus heated, ventilated and massaging seats. Premium materials are used for an upscale look with Alcantara, leather, wood and metal accented by ambient lighting.

The sedan is the first of many models to be based on the new “Shanhai” modular architecture, which supports both all-electric (BEV) and range extender (EREV) variants. The company has yet to announce detailed specifications, but it expects an NEDC range of 710 km (441 miles) for the electric model and up to 1,100 km (684 miles) for the range extender. They also announced low power consumption of 12kWh/100km, thanks to the HozonEPT4.0 battery temperature management system developed with help from Huawei, and 92% efficient electric motors.

Hozon has set the bar high on technology, aiming to give its latest sedan Level 4 autonomy thanks to 13 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, five millimeter wave radars and two Lidars. Note that Mercedes was the first automaker to introduce Level 3 autonomy in a production vehicle (the S-Class) from 2022, so reaching Level 4 is a bold claim.

We don’t know the price of the Nezha S or if it will be available outside of China, but we’ll keep an eye on the official Hozon website for any updates.

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