Nintendo Switch OLED model sells 138,000 units when launched in Japan, Metroid Dread moves an impressive 87,000


Following this week’s news on the Nintendo Switch OLED model boost UK software sales, it seems that the console itself is also enjoying some success regarding its debut in Japan.

According to Famitsu, the OLED model sold 138,409 units in its first three days alone. Including the Standard and Lite models, the OLED model took the majority of the system’s total sales, which reached 179,851 last week.

As analyst David Gibson points out, the sales number is lower than when the Switch Lite launched in 2019 (which was 178,000), but it is important to note that the Lite was readily available in stores while the supply of Switch units barely currently to meet demand. In Japan, the OLED model was mainly available only through lotteries.

Metroid Dread, which sold alongside the Nintendo Switch OLED model, transferred 87,000 physical copies, marking the best start for a Metroid game ever made in Japan and exploding the 29,000 launch sales of the previous installment of the franchise. Metroid: Samus Returns out of the water.

Source: Perfectly Nintendo

Written by Reece Heather

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