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Oh … my world

my world which dissolves

Will you ever listen to me

You moan and


yet everything …

wasting away

Support the struggle to build a Malaysia based on Justice, Freedom, Solidarity:

Lament over

pride in loss and

identity crisis

smoldering anger

badly led by a few stakes

Trapped in the

worship of fear and

sosial marauder

media of




to protect the

some monopolies

and their



And you allow it to happen

Oh my world …

do you ever want

listen to me

when I say simulated


and the plots

scripted years



causing panic,

impotence and

incessant chaos

to legitimize the

push for a new one

world order

to favor


Super powers

and horrible


for many

So the plotters thanks

the majestic

lame corridors

respectful governments and global



monopoly and lever

ill-gotten goods

And you let it happen

Oh my world … my

sinking world

do you want now

listen to me

Do not be


by the mind


score points for

the capitalists


deceive him


intellectuals and alienate many


ordinary life like

means of control and pathetic

collateral damage

squeeze the world

wealth to finance

their clandestine

resetting a new one

world order

So the rich get

dirty rich and

the marginalized in abject poverty and utter destitution

Engraved on Marx’s tombstone:

“The role of


(intellectual) is

not only to

interpret the

world in various

manners. Point is

to change it.

And so…

change society …

you have to

expose and neutralize your

enemies … your

moral compass

Oh my world … will you listen now

for you drown yourself in the mud of racial and religious manipulative bigotry and prop up pleasant denominations

Yet the great and mighty intellectuals


‘cure the

rather symptoms

that disease

himself ‘

Thus legitimizing this exploitation

perpetuity system

Oh my world …

don’t moan and moan

forever more

Don’t remember jokes about

how the world should be

and expect miracles and super beings to save you in these

artificial illusions, persecutions and conspiracies

So I pray and I hope you care

So wake up … wake up from your

sleeping existence and

stop feeling sorry for yourself

You are the only heroes who make a difference

yet you underestimate your miraculous strengths and


So stand up straight and reset your destiny

and cut those greedy tentacles

in your backyards and all

corners of the globe

and arouse the spiritual and material

forces to create your own brave new world

Where love and compassion

Feed us all


October 2021

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