Palestinians seek to replace US in peace talks: sources


Palestinian leaders are considering practical steps to restart the suspended negotiation process with Israel by seeking alternatives to the United States, according to official sources and analysts.

The Palestinians must find an alternative sponsor instead of the United States to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. (Getty)

Palestinian leaders are seriously considering practical steps to revive the suspended political process to find a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by bringing in an alternative sponsor in the United States, according to official sources and analysts.

The move comes after US President Joe Biden’s last visit to the region, which surprisingly ignored the Palestinian issue despite the significant increase in Israeli settlement activity and violations.

Biden arrived in the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem on Friday for a brief three-hour visit to meet his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas, after completing a 40-hour visit to Israel to meet with Israeli officials.

“I am still committed to the goal of achieving the two-state solution on the 1967 borders (…) but I think it is currently unattainable,” the US president said at a press conference. together with Abbas.

“The chances of a two-state solution to end the conflict, which has been embraced by the international community, including the United States, are dwindling and the opportunity to achieve this important goal may not last longer. a long time,” Abbas said in response.

“President Abbas was disappointed with the results of Biden’s visit, mainly because he expected the US president to make progress in the peace process,” an official source close to the Palestinian presidency said. who preferred to remain anonymous. The new Arabic.

During the US election campaign, the source said, Biden promised to help resolve our ongoing conflict with Israel based on international law. But so far he has not implemented any of the commitments.

“In fact,” the source added, “Biden has lost the confidence of the Palestinians that he could pressure Israel to agree to restart the peace process with them.”

The Palestinian leadership is seeking to hold several meetings with international bodies as well as powerful countries to urge them to actively sponsor political solutions regarding the conflict with the Israeli occupation, according to the source.

“So far, China is the best candidate to make a breakthrough in this complicated file, especially since it enjoys global economic and political power and maintains friendly relations with Palestinians and Israelis,” noted the source.

In addition, China has greatly expanded its diplomatic relations with most Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Qatar and other states, based on the principle of mutual economic benefit. .

For years, Palestinian political leaders have placed great emphasis on a two-state solution to establish their independent state of Palestine along the 1967 borders.

However, various Israeli governments have refused to continue negotiations with the Palestinians since 2014.

Talk to The new ArabicSeveral Palestinian political analysts believe it is crucial for Palestinian Authority President Abbas and other Palestinian decision makers to appeal to other countries to sponsor the political process with the Israelis, noting that Biden’s policy will not change. not compared to its predecessors.

“Biden does not make decisions, but implements US policy toward the world, especially the Middle East based on Israel’s interests,” the analysts explained.

“Biden deliberately ignored the Palestinian issue while trying to provide money to the Palestinians as a form of political money-based blackmail in exchange for politics,” said Mohammed Hijazi, a Gaza-based analyst. He further stressed that the Palestinians want to obtain their legitimate rights first and then solve all economic problems.

“I think we need to resort to another superpower that adopts international and humanitarian laws in its foreign policy relations with countries, to be an alternative to the United States in sponsoring the peace process in the region,” added Hijazi.

Hegazi also noted that the Palestinians look to China to mediate negotiations because “it does not seek to achieve colonial or monopolistic ambitions through its relations with countries around the world.”

For his part, Hani al-Masri, a political analyst based in Ramallah, believes that friendly relations between China and most countries in the Middle East will help revive the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis.

“If the United States continues to be the sole sponsor of the peace process, it will contribute to ending the Palestinian question, especially since it has managed to strengthen Israel’s relations with Arab countries by expanding standardization circle with them,” he said.

“We are living at a historic turning point, and it is important that the Palestinians accelerate the implementation of practical political measures that would bring the Palestinian cause back to center stage,” al-Masri added.


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