‘Parliament is a danger to the state,’ says president – Middle East Monitor


Tunisian President Kais Saied said the current parliament poses a danger to the state because of “lobbyist control”. He accused the country’s lobbyists of seeking to “starve” the Tunisian people.

Said made his comments during his meeting Tuesday with Minister of Commerce Mohamed Boussaid. He sought to justify his decision to extend the exceptional measures announced a month ago.

“Political institutions represent a serious danger for the state,” he said. “Parliament itself represents a danger for the state, especially in view of the transactions and agreements that have taken place within it to pass laws in favor of lobbies. These practices will be stopped.”

The president also accused certain lobbies of “the crime of starving the Tunisian people and attacking their dignity. Everyone must be up to the challenges of this stage, because monopoly policies, speculation and attempts to control prices goods and raw materials must be countered. “

Saied on Tuesday announced the extension of the suspension of parliament “until further notice”, raising concerns at home and abroad.

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