Point of View: Review of Biden’s Record 2021 Results: Roaring Economy, COVID Mitigation


In less than a year in office, President Joe Biden led to the fastest recovery in the economy, the fastest drop in unemployment in US history, fully immunized over 200 million Americans (in fact, anyone who wanted a vaccination), delivered $ 1.9 trillion in COVID relief that reopened schools and workplaces (without a single Republican vote), signed a one-time investment of $ 1.2 trillion dollars in infrastructure to modernize ports, airports, railways, bridges and roads, making the biggest investment in public transit in history; make sure everyone has access to reliable high-speed internet, replace lead pipes, rebuild water and power systems, and create millions of high-paying jobs.

Biden implemented a landmark COVID-19 vaccination program – funded by the American Rescue Plan – that has saved 1 million lives, 10 million hospitalizations and 35 million infections.

His efforts to stem a new wave of variants like Omicron – mandating vaccinations and masks – have been challenged and contested by Republicans. But it is moving quickly to dramatically expand access to free tests, sending PPE, equipment and personnel to bolster hospitals and health services across the United States.

It has extended health coverage to more than 4.6 million Americans through the Affordable Care Act. From November 1 to December 15 alone, more than 13.6 million Americans signed up for coverage – a record high – with 1.8 million new registrants.

His policies have produced historic economic gains and job creation: 6.1 million new jobs in 2021, the most of any first-year president; unemployment fell to 4.2% (a rate that should not be reached before 2024); Unemployment claims in the United States at the lowest levels since 1969 (dropping from 18 million when Biden took office to 2 million). Gross domestic product is on track for 5-6% growth, the best since 1984 (before Biden took office, Moody’s estimated GDP growth in 2021 at 2.9%).

The economy is recovering at the fastest rate in history: low-income families and workers are better off and household wealth has soared beyond pre-pandemic levels; poverty is at an all-time low and child poverty has been cut by almost half thanks to the Democrats’ child tax credit.

Wages rise for those who are historically left behind in past recoveries: Young workers (16-24) have seen their wages increase by 9.7 percent and the lowest 25 percent of employees have seen an increase by 5.1 percent.

As a result of the US bailout and other investments, the poorest 50 percent of households now have more than $ 3 trillion in wealth, up nearly 20 percent from early 2021 and 63 percent from pre-pandemic levels. Families are now more economically secure.

Inflation? Gasoline, Grocery Prices on the Rise? Supply chain bottlenecks?

This is a global supply and demand problem, but the Biden administration has responded quickly: by releasing oil from strategic reserves and continuing to increase prices and profits.

As a result, gas prices are down 15% from the October peak (pump prices in 20 states below the 20-year average) and natural gas prices are down 25% from the October peak. to November. Biden’s Supply Chain Disruption Task Force operated the ports 24/7 and truck drivers were hired. 8.5% over last year, growing at the fastest pace in 17 years.

Biden is also tackling price hikes by fostering competition and breaking the monopoly hold on industries such as meat packaging, hearing aids and broadband. By adopting Biden’s signature, the transformative Build Back Better program would further ease the pressure of rising prices and national debt by reducing daily costs for families, including child care, health care, utility bills, prescription drugs and education and would reduce deficits by $ 2 trillion in the second decade.

Wall Street is breaking new records. Bloomberg.com exclaims “Biden’s economic performance has proven to be unbeatable”: “No first-year president dating back to Carter matches the No. 1 or No. 2 ranking of the current White House occupant in each of the 10 key metrics … US financial markets outperform the world by the biggest margin in the 21st century, and for good reason: the US economy has improved more in Joe Biden’s first 12 months than any president over the past 50 years, despite the media’s contrary narrative that contributes to the gloom of public opinion.

Biden has taken a whole-of-government approach to climate action, catalyzing clean energy industries and jobs in the United States through government purchasing power to create market thresholds supporting clean energy industries and manufacturing and create clean, healthy and resilient communities.

Biden also brought the United States back to the Paris Climate Agreement and reinvigorated a global commitment to climate action and a Rebuild a Better World agenda; he also organized the first-ever World Summit on Democracy and mobilizes action to end the terror of cyber attacks, ransomware, transnational organized crime, drugs and human trafficking.

Biden ended the 20 Year War in Afghanistan, saving 130,000 in one of the largest airlifts in history (a miracle there was only one terrorist incident around this time, which tragically claimed the lives of 13 Americans and 170 Afghans) and resettling 50,000 Afghans in the United States.

And in foreign affairs, it resists aggression from Russia and China while revitalizing international alliances and the United Nations.

Biden set a record for the most circuit and district court appointments (71) in a president’s first year in office, surpassing Trump’s previous record of 68. In the year 2021, the US Senate confirmed 40 candidates – the most since Reagan. Judges represent the diversity of the American public: 78% of senior judges are women, 53% are people of color.

To make the federal government work for the people and restore confidence in government, Biden signed an executive order ordering 17 federal agencies to take more than 30 actions that make it easier and simpler to access government services and benefits.

Biden’s track record also includes competently handling a long list of massive climate disasters and other tragedies – hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes – accelerating FEMA services and assistance.

Biden restored decency, compassion, competence, service to the American people, ethics, pride and leadership to the presidency and did his best to restore confidence and faith in government, much of it in appointing competent and dedicated people.

And all against the active opposition of every Republican, who tie their success to Biden’s failure, plus hardline Democrat Blue Dog Joe Manchin and the relentless trolling of the TFG, Trump conspirators and media henchmen.


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