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You know you are looking at the site of an Australian company when they have products called “Drop Bear” or “Honey Badger” or “Troppo”. What the hell are they in this context? Battery systems of course. In fact, these are the only Australian-made batteries certified by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

I recently visited the RedEarth facility in Darra (Queensland) and was treated to a presentation and tour. Charlie gave the enthusiastic and detailed presentation and Dave gave the tour. I was impressed with their rapid growth. The factory was well stocked and organized. The staff assembled the batteries and the product was stacked on high shelves, ready for delivery. A fairly significant contrast to the video on their home page made during their installation in 2019.

Image by David Waterworth /CleanTechnica

Charlie talked about their desire to harvest sunlight for money and remove the ‘shock of bills’ – you know, once every 3 months you have to pay for power from a steam engine. glorified several kilometers away. Power travels through miles of hot wires, costing you money. A lot of power is lost in the transmission. He states that the average Australian home has enough rooftop space to produce 3 times more electricity than a household can consume. Households can earn money from the surplus.

He wants to turn that annoying electric bill into a delight through their Personal Power Plant (PPP) maintenance service.

Chris and Charlie co-founded RedEarth over 8 years ago. Chris was trained as a high-pressure mining engineer and Charlie from the financial sector, but with a degree in pharmacology. Like most successful Australian innovations, it all started in Daddy’s garden shed. Chris has always been fascinated by drums and decided to make his own when he founded RedFlow.

But they soon found out that there was no money to make components. The money is in the deliverables for the customer. RedEarth was born to meet the threefold goal of giving the customer independence from pseudo-monopoly power companies, protecting the environment and removing pressure on the average Australian wallet.

Recently, RedEarth completed an A $ 12 million pre-IPO funding round. It plans to use the influx of cash to further accelerate its local battery manufacturing, sales and marketing efforts. Judging from what I saw today, it’s full charge ahead.

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