Samsung’s next line of tablets could include a 14.6-inch ‘Ultra’ model with a notch


Samsung may add its first-ever “Ultra” model to its upcoming Galaxy Tab S8 lineup, which will also include a Tab S8 and S8 Plus, it is rumored to WinFuture.

According to WinFuture, the flagship Ultra model could sport a 14.6-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2960 x 1848 pixels, a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, as well as a notch with two 12-megapixel (MP) cameras . It can also come with an option of up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, along with an 11,200mAh battery.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is rumored to have a notchless 12.7-inch display.
Image by WinFuture

Compared to the Tab S8 Ultra, the Tab S8 Plus’ Super AMOLED display is a little smaller, potentially measuring 12.7 inches with a resolution of 2800 x 1752px. WinFuture says the mid-range model may not have a notch and could come with a 10,090 mAh battery. The base Tab S8 model will obviously be the smallest of the bunch and is said to have an 11-inch LTPS TFT display with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution, notchless design and 8000mAh battery. The Tab S8 and S8 Plus both have smaller memory and storage options, offering up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

As for what powers the devices, WinFuture notes that each tablet in Samsung’s new lineup can be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip and the Adreno 730 GPU. All models will also have a 13MP dual camera and 6MP ultra-wide-angle lens on the back, 12MP camera on the front (except for the Ultra, which has two), S-Pen compatibility, under-screen fingerprint scanners, optional 5G connectivity, plus four speakers supporting Dolby Atmos.

There is no confirmed pricing information for the S8 Tabs yet, but a leak of calls might give a clue as to what to expect. calls Pricing claims for the Wi-Fi-only Tab S8 Ultra starts at €1,040 to €1,060 (~$1,187 to $1,210), with additional storage and 5G connectivity adding to that price. The Wi-Fi-only Tab S8 Plus could start at €880 to €900 (~$1,004 to $1,027), with the base Tab S8 potentially starting at €680 to €700 (~$776 to $799) .

WinFuture Samsung expects to show off its Galaxy Tab S8 line at its February 8 Samsung Unpacked event (potentially alongside the Samsung Galaxy S22), or at the Mobile World Conference (MWC), which kicks off on February 28. Samsung last released its Galaxy Tab S7 lineup in 2020, which consists of just two tablets: the Tab S7 and the Tab S7 Plus.


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