Sora in OLED Smash, Metroid Dread, and Nintendo Switch models, oh my god!


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Hello and welcome to another Nintendo recap. This week started off with some big news when the last fighter from Super Smash Bros. was revealed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Additionally, we found out that Kingdom Hearts games are coming to Nintendo Switch, but not in the way that many people had hoped for. Then on Friday, the Nintendo Switch OLED model and Metroid Dread were released. There is a lot to discuss for each of these topics, so let’s dive right into the heart of the matter.

Sora is coming a-smashin ‘

Tuesday morning, Super Smash Bros. fans Ultimate gathered around screens to watch series creator Masahiro Sakurai reveal the Last Fighter DLC. There were a lot of realistic predictions and wacky hopes about this last chance and some people were rewarded with a character they had wanted for a long time: Sora from Kingdom Hearts. It will be available on October 18 and can be purchased individually for US $ 5.99.

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Sora’s reveal video begins with an amiibo for all current fighters facing the iconic flaming Smash logo that featured in the game’s official teasers in 2018. The flame goes out and all amiibo appear lifeless. Then a spark appears in the darkness. Mario wakes up, comes forward and plunges his gloved hand into the flame. He reveals a Keyblade, which opens a magical keyhole and Sora floats through it accompanied by iconic Kingdom Hearts music.

As the Smash fighter always reveals, there is a mixed response to Sora being the last. Some players have been asking for it for years and Sakurai even revealed that Sora was the most requested new fighter in a 2015 poll. However, some fans are upset, seeing that there are already enough swordbearers in the game. or pointing to characters who they think are more deserving like Waluigi, Doom Guy, and Master Chief.

Kingdom Hearts dives to the heart without Donald Goofy higherSource: iPlus

Regardless of your opinion, it’s impressive that Sora has come in. He’s already linked to two other big companies – Square Enix and Disney – so it must have taken a lot of negotiation to get him into that. Not to mention that the iconic Mickey Mouse logo that hangs from his Keyblade keychain must have been one of the biggest hurdles to licensing when it comes to one of the fighters.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that any of his Disney friends are included. Donald and Goofy are even edited from the art nouveau style image seen on the Dive to the Heart stage that was shown during the presentation. But they would have been a whole other huge licensing issue on their own, so that’s not too surprising.

All Kingdom Hearts Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Cloud Streaming

Kingdom Hearts Sora and GoofySource: Square Enix

Along with the announcement of Sora’s Fighter, Sakurai revealed that all Kingdom Hearts games are joining the best games on Nintendo Switch, although they are not available for download or physical copies as they are only accessible through Switch Cloud. Streaming. Some people are upset about this, but it makes it possible to play the more graphically intensive Kingdom Hearts 3 on Switch without needing to upgrade the console hardware or downsize the graphics too much. No exact release date has yet been given.

Metroid Dread explodes on Switch

Metroid Dread Clean ImageSource: Nintendo

After months of waiting, Samus is finally back in his all new Switch title Metroid Dread released on Friday. Reviews across the board have been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying the game seems to fit perfectly into the existing series as well as being a good step forward. Our own Samuel Tolbert is currently testing the game and will have his review next week. From what it looks like, this just might be Nintendo’s game of the year.

Metroid Dread amiibo have also hit store shelves and are selling fast on Amazon and other retailers. So if you haven’t gotten yours yet, you’ll need to keep an eye on availability and jump on a purchase when you can.

Nintendo Switch OLED model launched and could theoretically support 4K

Nintendo Switch model Oled next to Switch VSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore Nintendo Switch V2 above, Switch OLED model below.

The OLED model launched alongside Samus and has received quite a bit of demand. This is not surprising given how much better the large screen shows colors and contrast. Seriously, I was surprised at how much of a difference it made when I compared my Switch V2 display to the new OLED model. I’m currently working on a comparison article that will be released next week, so check back for that.

If you want one but haven’t landed a pre-order, you might have the chance to go to a Best Buy or other retailer and see if they have it in stock, although some retailers don’t. have only acquired enough to fulfill their pre-orders. If you are interested in purchasing one, you will need to keep an eye on availability and jump on a purchase as soon as it is in stock. I recommend using Stock Informer because it can track multiple stores and notify you if inventory changes.

Now that the OLED model is in people’s hands, some have been able to take it apart and look at the new hardware inside. One of the biggest things to note is that the HDMI has been upgraded from 1.4 to 2.0. This means that it could support 4K if the running software allowed it. As such, it is very likely that tech savvy people will hack into the system and play around with these resolving capabilities.

It is possible that this change of equipment was made with a bigger plan in mind. After all, if these rumors about the Nintendo 4K Kit and the increased AI resolution turn out to be true, that could be the direction Nintendo is taking with the next generation of consoles. However, it is just as likely that the old HDMI outputs were no longer available and Nintendo was forced to make the switch.

Until next week

Well, that was a lot, wasn’t it? We’re now firmly into October, which means Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will release next month along with a few more expected titles. But for now, I’m diving into the Samus sequel and running away from those EMMI robots while playing my new OLED model. Hope you can play a fun game this weekend and we’ll see you again next week.

Till next time.

- Rebecca Lance


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