Tesla-branded headphones, speakers and speakers – even megaphones!


Earlier this month, more Tesla trademarks were filed. The fairly wide range of items included microphones, earphones, headphones, digital audio players, sound transmission devices, audio speakers, subwoofers, headphone pads, audio interfaces, audio devices, and more. audio equalization, loudspeaker horns and megaphones. Such audio devices appeal to the senses while reinforcing the driver’s visceral love for kinesthesia – the sway in the tight curve, the slight vibration of acceleration – soon with even more elaborate sound works, if these Tesla brands are an indication.

The news of more Tesla brands is invigorating. Although we know the Solar Roof, Megapack, Austin and Berlin gigafactories, Tesla Semi, Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla Robot, Full Self Driving, Superchargers, shopping malls or the smallest vehicle out of Shanghai, we who follow Tesla know that these are not only the beginning.

Tesla’s business model has created disruptive growth over the past decade by expanding into new businesses, taking a stake in key infrastructure sectors, working to decentralize power distribution and offering alternatives to the monopolistic utility industry. Tesla’s end products are state-of-the-art, all interconnected in a flywheel that inspires consumers to pledge allegiance across multiple industries and keeps them coming back to Tesla for more.

Indeed, Tesla’s trademarks across multiple tech arenas transcend a legacy automotive company and, instead, speak to something far more diverse and telling.

Let’s take a look at some of the items included in Tesla’s long list of trademarks, both to refresh our memory and to examine the range and depth of business activities within the company’s umbrella business.

You’re here. The brand name is artistically stated in a series of stacked lines – meditative, serene, a little austere. The style evokes a Japanese tea house, a place of gentle meditation. The “Tesla” brand name, of course, is the most important of all Tesla brands. It extends outward into automobiles, structural parts and financing, among others.

J. This is a drawing with word(s)/letter(s)/number(s) in stylized form. The mark consists of a stylized ‘T’ design. The Tesla emblem – somewhat reminiscent of the Batman dynasty, rising from a point of the earth, majestic and beyond its constraints – is an iconic marker of the company. The same icon is used for another brand representation – the company’s rental of motor vehicles.

Tesla Motors. This is where it all started: electric cars, electric car parts, “namely motors”.

T Tesla. This trademark is represented by a red rectangle with the name “Tesla” and the stylized “T” embossed in white letters. This trademark provides maintenance and repair services for the company’s automobiles.

Tesla Brands

Image courtesy of Tesla

Image courtesy of Tesla

Image courtesy of Tesla

Image courtesy of Tesla

the Model S, Model 3, Model Y, and Model X (SEXY) each have their own brand, just like the Tesla Roadster. As a whole, the catalog offers high-end luxury, speed, security, space and a bit of sexual appeal. There are also separate Tesla trademarks for apparel such as t-shirts, hats, headgear, sports hats, and caps. .

Tesla, Inc.. The brand encompasses the design and development of computer software for forecasting long, medium and short term energy production, distribution and use with econometric analysis of multiple variable factors involved in production, distribution, use and supply of energy. Tesla has paved the way for a power grid that is gradually becoming a more complex, decentralized network of small generation plants – many of which use renewable energy – and stationary storage facilities, collectively known as distributed (or dispatchable) energy resources (DERs). .

Megacharger. This term refers to the battery charger for the company’s electric vehicles and the charging station services for its electric vehicles. Recent installations bode well for the long-awaited Tesla Semi.

Megapack. This mark is designated for battery systems and devices comprising inverters, switchgear, power controllers, and power cell and module regulation software for use with the operation and performance of battery storage systems. energy; energy storage systems comprised of battery modules and devices, photovoltaic cells and modules, capacitor cells and modules, or fuel cells and modules; thermal control and energy cooling and heating systems for energy storage comprised of battery modules and devices, photovoltaic cells and modules, capacitor cells and modules, or batteries and modules fuel; wireless electric battery systems and devices comprised of battery modules and devices, photovoltaic cells and modules, capacitor cells and modules, or fuel cells and modules; and energy cell and module control software for use with the operation and performance of energy storage systems. wow! The advantage of Tesla’s battery production is evident as so many other automakers scramble to build factories and establish their own battery sources.

Tesla (solar). This mark encompasses the monitoring of solar panels and other equipment used to convert solar energy into electricity to ensure proper operation and programming to meet electricity demands and usage goals; monitoring the efficiency, production levels and other performance data of solar panels and other equipment used to convert solar energy into electricity.

power wall. Youhoo! This brand is so vast! Musk said it has the potential to generate millions in sales per year. This includes everything wirelessly connected to electric battery devices – embedded firmware and software, storage and discharge of stored electricity for home use, monitoring, optimization and regulation of storage and discharge of stored energy, installation, maintenance, repair and upgrading of devices that can be updated remotely. computer software and firmware for storing and evacuating stored electricity to stabilize and meet electrical demands and usage purposes for residential purposes.

cybertruck. land vehicles; electric vehicles, automobiles and trucks; trucks; vans; automobiles; and the structural parts “for that”. Tesla fans are eagerly awaiting Cybertruck updates for many reasons. As the land vehicle par excellence, it will be silent; have a vaulted truck bed and self-driving capability; can be recharged with solar energy; offer multiple camp configuration options; have a low center of gravity and a high angle of approach; and be a giant power bank on wheels. When the Cybertruck arrived this week in Giga Texas, it caused a bit of a buzz on Facebook and Twitter – and on Clean Technica.

Cyberquad. A whole series of designs and fonts encompass all-terrain vehicles, land vehicles, trucks, their structural parts, and toy-like representations.

Giga beer/beer. While not as life-changing as Tesla’s various energy divisions, the beer brand offers a bit of light-hearted fun in the blueprint.

If you want to review the Tesla trademark legalese, check it out here.

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