Tesla Model S and Model X will have the round steering wheel option


With the increasing number of electric vehicles hitting the market lately, automakers are struggling to stand out from the rest. It’s not just that existing car brands are churning out more electric vehicles — plenty of environmentally-focused startups have sprung up in the past couple of years. The competition is getting fiercer than ever.

Still, You’re here still attracts a huge part of the market interested in electric vehicles. Two particular models have received a lot of praise recently: the Model X and the Model S. The Model X taps into the highly sought-after crossover segment, while the Model S brings a touch of fresh air into the premium sedan category. plan. .

However, one feature of both models raises security concerns and a bit of controversy. The unique steering yoke replaces the traditional circular steering wheel, named after its rectangular shape and with the steering feel you’d expect from a jet or race car.

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The story of Tesla’s controversial management yoke

Tesla is well known for breaking tradition and bringing innovation to the automotive industry, and it’s often praised for it. However, the switch from round steering wheel to yoke was met with skepticism (and later heavy criticism).

Elon Musk explained the reasons for the change in a short tweet: “Yet another round wheel is annoying and blocks the screen. FSD in pan mode is much better with a yoke.” Note taken, but what about other aspects of leadership?

The Model X and Model S steering yoke is something you may see a pilot maneuvering in the plane. While it makes sense on the plane, the yoke of cars feels hard to hold and difficult to maneuver. Since its launch, many motorists have complained of sore hands from holding the handles too long.

As if the new-shaped steering wheel wasn’t enough, the Model X and Model S gained touch-sensitive buttons to replace the signal and wiper stalks. These are painfully close to the horn, making it difficult to make a turn or press a button without honking.

But the biggest concern with the yoke is safety. This type of steering wheel makes cornering difficult, not to mention driving on icy roads. How do you regain control in such situations with a rectangular steering wheel?

A progressive steering algorithm, one that would allow you to shift the yoke slightly and influence the wheels to steer harder, might solve the safety issues. But this solution was not implemented. The self-driving that Tesla boasts would also help, right? No, that hasn’t been launched yet either.

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Just hitched or not: the Tesla Model S and Model X can have a round steering wheel

Nobody really knows how the thing will evolve with the management yoke, probably not even Elon Musk, dare we say. Tesla’s CEO is known for making light-hearted statements and changing them depending on the situation. Therefore, we cannot be sure of any innovation until it officially comes out in real life.

To give Tesla credit, however, many drivers complimented the steering yoke. Model S owners have mentioned that the better visibility is undisputed and that the learning curve of the new steering option is not at all inconvenient.

But either way, the security issues aren’t resolved yet. There are still plenty of complaints about the buttons, handles and other features – not to mention that many drivers still wish they had the option of a traditional steering wheel. What does Tesla plan to do with all of this?

For a while, it looked like Tesla was planning to reconsider the rectangular steering wheel and add a side option to the round steering wheel. A photo has reached the public of the interior of the Tesla Model S/X with an old steering wheel in good condition. It was sensational, no doubt, but a Tweet changed speculation soon after.

Namely, one person wanted to know if a normal steering option would be available at some point, and Elon Musk answered with a simple no. Hopes have been dashed for anyone who is a big fan of old established steering wheels.

But again, a Tesla hacker came up with new information — Tesla’s service tools seem to have the option of choosing between the round steering wheel or the famous yoke. Although the service is not yet live, it raises some interesting questions. Will Elon Musk eventually change his mind?

We’re also pretty stunned that this tweet from the Tesla hacker didn’t make more noise online. There are no debates similar to those raised initially with the introduction of the yoke. Does this mean that drivers are getting used to the new option and no longer wish to change things? We hope to get answers to all these interesting questions soon.

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