Tesla Model Y spotted testing lidar sensors in Florida


Does that mean Elon is going back over his comments on lidar?

Grayson Brulte via Twitter

We heard from Tesla CEO Elon Musk go on and on for ages on how lidar is a kickstand, how fully autonomous vehicles don’t need to work, and how vision is better, etc. Despite this, according to a report released Monday by Automotive News, Tesla appears to have a contract with manufacturer of Luminar lidar sensors for testing and development.

According to the AN report, a Tesla Model Y sporting a roof rack adorned with lidar sensors and an automaker’s license plate was spotted in Palm Beach, Fla., Around 8 a.m. ET on Thursday, May 20 by a consultant. in development of autonomous vehicles named Grayson brulte. Brulte took pictures of the vehicle and posted them on Twitter.

Now, since no one has created a commercially viable solution Level 5 autonomy-Capable vehicle yet, it’s hard to say for sure which sensors it will actually need. Still, we do know that the companies that are probably closest to Level 5 all use lidar – Cruise and Waymo, for example.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s system, which he mistakenly refers to as “fully autonomous driving,” is in fact just one Level 2 driver assistance system and uses a combination of cameras, radars, and ultrasonic sensors to operate, although this still requires the human driver to actively pay attention (even though Tesla is way behind the curve with driver monitoring).

We usually ask Tesla for an official comment on a story like this, but since he disbanded his PR department some time ago, we can’t.

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