The 2023 Model 3 Long Range Appeared in Tesla’s Existing Inventory


The reintroduction of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range (AWD) in the United States and Canada could be a step further.

According to the latest reports, Tesla has already started production of the 2023 model year Model 3 and Model X cars in California, while the Model Y and Model S are likely still model year 2022.

There’s no change to the online design studio, but the recent move likely means that sooner rather than later we’ll see the long-range (AWD) Model 3 available to order again.

Recall that this particular version was put on hold (new orders) in North America in August with a promise to return in 2023. Tesla explained it by a significant disproportion between demand and supply. If the queue dwindles, Tesla could once again offer the Long Range (AWD) Model 3 alongside the entry-level RWD version and the Performance version.

An interesting thing is that with the start of model year 2023 production, a number of Model 3 Long Range (AWD) models have been listed in Tesla’s existing inventory at the same price as the retired 2022 version – 57 $990 (without DST and ordering fees).

Drive Tesla Canada intercourse after In the (Tesla Inventory Tracker) that over 100 units were added to inventory Friday night (maybe it’s different now). For reference, production of the 2023 Model 3 began on October 4.

We assume that the appearance of the LR AWD version in Tesla’s existing inventory is something of a soft start.

According to reports, there are no changes to the 2023 model year versions – at least as far as things like lineup or main specs go, although the new cars don’t have ultrasonic sensors. .

The reintroduction of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range (AWD) is good news due to the noticeable price difference to the Performance version or range difference, compared to the entry-level Model 3 RWD version. (358 miles versus 272 EPA miles).


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