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The cryptocurrency is breaking out of its slandered reputation, securing a fortuitous future for the most prominent currency in the current financial situation of vandalism. Over the past decade, Bitcoin has been a hot topic for investors, given its extreme swings in the digital currency conclave. Referring to the example of how the internet was looked down upon in the 1980s, Travis Hoium said that bitcoin is soon to be the ultimate digital money grab with its extravagant potential.

In addition to declaring bitcoin as a virtuous asset, Travis Hoium highlighted another aspect of efficient use. Currently, the cryptocurrency has made headlines as it has been cited as having a value equivalent to that of gold. Yet the issue here is its liquidity and usage besides being a high-profile elementary asset.

Let’s discuss cryptocurrency and the future of Bitcoin in detail.

Cryptocurrency Rises to Top of Profitable Investments in Canada

Peering into the crux of cryptocurrency usage, Travis Hoium disclosed the similarity between gold and cryptocurrency, indicating their low level of fluidity compared to other ETFs.

On the contrary, Taylor Carmichael, from his analytical perspective, called cryptocurrency as the anchor of digital currency, which other emerging platforms could surpass. In an attempt to deepen his explanation, he cited the example of Yahoo inaugurating the idea of ​​exchanging mail between people for better communication.

Despite its multitude of offers and its monopoly position in the world of digital communication, it was quickly overtaken by Google. Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly a conscious beginning of digital currency; the rapid pace of technological advancement may soon replace current cryptocurrency platforms with its metamorphosed modifications.

Disregarding the abundant statements released by bitcoin experts, the cryptocurrency is said to peak in favorable results and stand firm against all odds. The upward trend and the great popularity of bitcoin emerging as a safe option for asset portfolio diversification has prompted investors to take a stand in cryptocurrency.

By risk and residual situation, the cryptocurrency has been superlative with its performance, especially over the past decade. If you are an investor with some ambiguities about investing in bitcoin, now is the time to touch on the unique cryptocurrency investment opportunities, primarily in the United States and Canada.

Rapidly Expanding Canadians’ Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Canadians have exhausted the fear of risking their investments because they have learned the wonder of maximizing profits. About 28% of Canadians have diverted their asset portfolios to promising cryptocurrency bitcoins such as Ethereal, keeping a glimpse of its pragmatic returns over the past decade.

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Bitcoin Investment is considered to be a highly speculated and high risk investment exposing the investor to multiple indecisive thoughts. An investor must be educated with sufficient awareness of his investment issues to make sound decisions.

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One last word

Even though Bitcoin investing is speculated as high risk, it is up to an investor to consider the situation, their experience and the forecast in order to make an informed decision regarding the investment.

It is essential that you do your research and educate yourself as much as possible about cryptocurrency before making the decision to invest in it.


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