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  • BREATHE AND PRESS Arizona breeder Jim Hanson (Liam Neeson, right) helps Miguel (Jacob Perez) escape a Mexican drug cartel trying to kill him, by The sniper, now available from Redbox.

What is it noted? PG-13

When? 2021

Where is it visible? Redbox

Robert Lorenz (Problems with the curve) directs this action thriller about an Arizona rancher, former Navy and Vietnam vet Jim Hanson (Liam Neeson), who feels obligated to save Miguel (Jacob Perez), a little boy crossing the border after the boy’s mother was killed by a dangerous drug cartel, which vowed to find and kill the boy. The couple, suspicious of each other at first, begin to form a bond as they leave for Chicago, where Miguel has family. Naturally, the cartel is in pursuit, and a series of skirmishes ensue as they attempt to escape.

The story clearly goes for a Clint Eastwood vibe: Think The mule and Gran Torino in particular. Hanson is a good man on the verge of losing his ranch to the bank over medical bills from his wife, who died of cancer. He’s not without compassion, but he’s the kind of guy who calls out “AIs” – illegal aliens – when he sees them crossing the border during his breeding duties. He desperately needs money to save his ranch, so when Miguel’s dying mother Rosa (Teresa Ruiz) promises him a bag to bring her boy to Chicago, he ignores his moral code and accepts.

It’s quite derivative and far-fetched. Why the cartel would go so far to kill a little boy makes no sense, and for a movie called The sniper, I expected Hanson to be a better shooter. The ending is exactly what I expected, but as a Neeson fan, I was okay with spending $ 1.80 to watch his former Marine fight one final battle. If you miss it, you haven’t missed much. (108 min.) Δ


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