UWO Model UN team wins big in Midwest competition


The UW Oshkosh Model United Nations team again received top honors at the 62nd Midwest Model United Nations competition February 23-28 in St. Louis, Missouri.

This year’s competition was the team’s first in-person since February 2020, when all competitions were suspended or held virtually due to the pandemic.

More than 50 countries, represented by 30 different schools, entered the contest, with Oshkosh representing Indonesia, Germany, Namibia, Argentina and Uzbekistan.

In total, the team was rewarded by the conference with 23 individual awards and five delegation-wide awards across the five countries, the most of any school participating in the conference.

Awards are given by conference staff on the basis of knowledge of the country, knowledge of the subject, writing, public speaking, consensus building and diplomatic negotiation . Additionally, the Delegate’s Choice Award is chosen by each committee’s peers based on who they believe is the most knowledgeable and diplomatic.

The UW Oshkosh Model UN Team

The UW Oshkosh team will continue preparations for the National Model United Nations Competition in New York, April 9-15. You can follow the UW Oshkosh Model UN team on Twitter: @UWOModelUN.


  • GA1 – General Assembly, 1st Commission – Disarmament and International Security
  • GA2 – General Assembly, 2n/a Commission – Economic and Financial
  • HRC – Human Rights Council
  • UNEA – United Nations Environment Assembly

Winners include:
*All prizes are obtained thanks to the efforts of the whole team*
Heads of countries in Bold


  • Delegation-Wide Reward: Outstanding
  • Peter Herrmann (GA1): Outstanding Delegate, Position Paper, Delegate’s Choice
  • Patrick Remick (GA2): Exceptional delegate, position statement, choice of delegate
  • Gabriel Anderson (HRC): Delegate with Honorable Mention, Position Paper, Delegate’s Choice
  • Grant Steffen (UNEA): Honorable Mention Delegate, Position Paper, Delegate’s Choice


  • Delegation-Wide Reward: Outstanding
  • Sami Christiansen (AG1): Outstanding Delegate, Position Paper
  • Jayme Baumann (GA2): Exceptional delegate, statement
  • Abby Tiedemann (HRC)
  • Sarah Fleming (UNEA): Outstanding Delegate, Position Paper, Delegate’s Choice


  • Delegation-Wide Award: Distinguished
  • Trenton Korth (GA1)
  • Carrie Reed (AG2): Outstanding Delegate
  • Abbie Baker (HRC)
    Cole Schmidt (UNEA)
Sarah Fleming, in yellow, leads a group discussion.


  • Delegation-Wide Award: Honorable Mention
  • Meg Traska (GA1): position statement
  • Savannah Bartelt (GA2)
  • Taeyeon Kim (HRC)
  • Dani Sawyer (UNEA)


  • Delegation-Wide Award: Distinguished
  • Emma Sullivan (GA1): Honorable Mention Delegate
  • Mason Sada (GA2)
  • Ernesto Hernández (HRC)
  • Cesar Morales Magana (UNEA): Honorable Mention Delegate

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