Who was singled out by COFECE for having imposed salary caps in Liga MX Femenil


Decio de María involved in fines for the salary cap applied by COFECE (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The Federal Commission for Economic Competition released the names of those involved in the appeal “Pact of the Knights”. The COFECE noted that Enrique Bonilla, Guillermo Cantú, Decio de María and Justino Compeán they were involved in the deal which indirectly affected several footballers.

Likewise, the authority described the event as “absolute monopoly practices ”. Remember that the gentlemen’s agreement refers to the football player denial have rights or negotiations with other clubs while they belong or remain on your team. The actors therefore depend on the agreements that the directors and presidents of the institutions indicate. That is to say that its future remains in suspense of the management that the leaders exercise.

Likewise, the eight implied that the COFECE highlighted were Víctor Garza, Víctor Guevara, Anna Peniche, Margarita de Jesús Iglesias, Justino Compeán, Decio de María, Enrique Bonilla and Guillermo Cantú.

Decio de María and Justino Compeán were fined by COFECE (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Decio de María and Justino Compeán were fined by COFECE (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

However, the fact for which they were charged and fined with numbers between one and MXN 14 million, This is not the only one. There is also another fact for which managers had to be held accountable and that was the salary cap.

In this way, those who face another fact are Enrique Bonilla, Anna Peniche and Víctor Guevara, who are linked to the breach of the salary cap for women’s football in Liga MX Femenil.

Regarding the salary cap in the women’s league, in September the practices that the MX League used with gamers. Where footballers older than 23 years, they won about $ 100 per month, something like MXN 2 million While players under 17 were only supported for transportation, education and food.

        Enrique Bonilla was sanctioned by COFECE for the gentlemen's agreement (Photo: EFE / Jorge Núñez)
Enrique Bonilla was sanctioned by COFECE for the gentlemen’s agreement (Photo: EFE / Jorge Núñez)

For this reason, Mexican Football Federation was sanctioned with a fine of MXN 15 million 508 thousand 200. The FMF In a statement, he asserted that the individuals named will respect and pay the fines that were previously awarded.

To put the above in context, the players who receive the best pay are Chivas del Guadalajara, Águilas del América, Rayados de Monterrey and Tigres de Nuevo León. Based on information from News from Televisa the athletes who receive the most money are Florian Thauvin with MXN $ 5.3 million per year. In second place Andre Pierre Gignac with MXN $ 4.6 million. And third Guillermo Ochoa with MXN $ 4.5 million.

On the steps below me he finds Rogelio Funes Mori and Oribe Peralta.

The Liga MX Women He was recently born in 2017 with players who saw the opportunity to make their dream come true. Likewise, the league has gradually grown to become one of the tournaments of greater prestige on the American continent.

Deneva Cagigas is a Pumas de la Universidad femme footballer (Photo: Instagram deneva_cagigas)
Deneva Cagigas is a Pumas de la Universidad femme footballer (Photo: Instagram deneva_cagigas)

Currently, managers who have been fined by the gentlemen’s agreement and the salary cap do not hold positions in the mexican federation. The last to hold a managerial position was Enrique Bonilla, who was president of the MX League. Therefore, those involved in COFECE’s decision stay away from Aztec football offices.

The fines for the gentlemen’s agreement were as follows:

Justino compean MXN 1,962,800 million

Decius of Mary MXN 2,256,800 million

Enrique Bonilla MXN 2,256,800 million

Anna Peniche MXN 14,508,000 million

Guillermo Cantu MXN 14,508,000 million

Margarita de Jesús Iglesias Flores MXN 2,256,800 million

Víctor Garza Valenzuela MXN 2,256,800 million

Víctor Guevara 2,256,800 million MXN


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