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Lisa Bree Hoggarth gives her audience a breath of fresh air or takes their breath away. Viewers over the past year had no choice but to call authorities about him.

It doesn’t make waves; she lights fires instead.

The model said: “I started fires inside the houses and posed in front of them.” Rolling her eyes, she said: ‘I was officially trusted to stay sane while Melbourne was in a four-month COVID lockdown. The fires were meant to be an expression of my astrological sign, which is Leo. Art, so that others can take a look. But at one point, people became concerned about his form of expression and the authorities found out. “I got in trouble for that,” she recalls. On several occasions, she has called herself “the only top model in the world” in 2020.

The fashion world was screaming. In 2020, industry experts said the industry was heartbroken to see more stores and businesses shut down. “During that time, I was shopping for clothes online, doing my hair and makeup, posing and posting more than ten times a day on Instagram. I tagged labels and wrote blogs. I said, “Let’s get dressed!” Fashion has always supported me, so I thought it was time to give back. I worked extremely hard. It was my childhood dream to be a model. I was playing catch-up. 2020 was the year she officially started modeling, and she started during the pandemic. “I worked my ass, and I know I’m not the only model in the world. I just didn’t see anyone else show up and do what I was doing. Everyone seemed to be at home in their pajamas all day, depressed. I thought I was better – a leader, a force, an individual. I mounted the fire – well, I used that time.

The corridors on the Instagram page are catwalks, hacked and sold in April 2021, it was inclusive for everyone when she invented the concept. Lisa introduced it to labels and handwritten designers and industry leaders. She wanted to be there for people – really. But she said, “Who knows what they were thinking? They did not understand my theme. I mean, they were boring and silent; is fashion silent? I was just inspired by an idea for a parade: duct tape on my mouth. I will represent all of the labels that had zilch to say after contacting. Well that’s my idea for my track. A track named: Lisa Bree Hoggarth Runway. I’ll write the brand names on the tape, stick it on my mouth – this will be my first show. I’m the one who models for them, they have nothing to say!

“But sure, I’m the only model in the world – because who else did what I did?” Lisa didn’t have the best of the best, but used what she did to do what she could and she’s proven to be a face that stands out in a crowd.

She must be watched! Lisa Bree Hoggarth is heart-pounding, and the blazing start to her modeling career has left movers and shakers in awe. Literally playing with fire, fire number “2” that she created, as of 2020, is on TikTok: lisabree7.

“Hollywood star Mickey Avalon has shared me twice on her Instagram recently,” she adds, ”she grabbed my pen and wrote with an xo. Lisa can be found on Instagram @lisahoggarthstyle.

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